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A monthly review of changes on this website.


Mein Unternehmen ist im Grund nicht schwierig, ich brauche nur unsterblich zu sein, um es zu vollenden.

Jorge Luis Borges, “Pierre Menard, Autor des Quijote”, 1962

it’s Good that just mutates and twists, and it’s Evil that teems with fecundity.

Scott Alexander, “The Goddess of Everything Else”, 2015

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May 2024

April 2024

but that’s just a coincidence, everyone knows words aren’t real. Or maybe I phrased that awkwardly, but certainly they’re not so real that if you inscribe every word ever written onto a piece of glass then the glass comes to life and kills you.

—Scott Alexander, “Half An Hour Before Dawn In San Francisco”, 2023

March 2024

February 2024

Mainly read books this month.

January 2024

Moved even more notes to top-level posts.

December 2023

Moved several notes to top-level posts.

This is pretty representative of what things I've read this month (excluding the binge of reddit posts on /r/WormFanFic…)

Ultrasound Posts by Sarah Constantin

Very cool series of posts on ultrasound neuromodulation, I've been interested in the topic for a while now (especially in the context of meditation, see e.g. Haederle 2021). Feels like there's a bunch of α here.

Related, though more speculative:

November 2023


Ways of Classifying Strings, Computationally

Started reading a bit about this because I was dissatisfied with the standard explanation of neural networks having a simplicity prior, but of course got distracted by the cool things you can do with Turing machines. I wonder whether you can create a sophistication/anti-sophistication/logical depth prior, and what that would compare to Kolmogorov complexity in terms of malignity.

October 2023


September 2023


August 2023

Computational Metaphysics

July 2023

Read a large number of blog posts.

June 2023

I often ignored my other obligations this month.

May 2023

April 2023

Read most of the posts from the 2021 LessWrong Review, the Invertebrate Welfare sequence and Moral Weight Project Sequence.

March 2023

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I also worked on the library iqisa, which I hope to bring into a presentable shape by the end of the year (any faster and I'd lose the forecasting community, I fear).

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December 2021

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October 2021

I now sort-of disavow Life Improvements in 2030: It completely missed the premise of thinking how regular people might perceive the future to be better in everyday life, instead turning into another average "How might the future be like?" post by focusing on big-picture developments. Boring.


Updated the Texts List. I finished reading the AI alignment articles in the corresponding Arbital domain.

September 2021


August 2021

July 2021

June 2021


Again updated the Texts List with a large number of texts. I continue to read a lot, and write relatively little.

May 2021


Updated the Texts List with a large number of texts. I read a bunch this month.

April 2021

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January 2021

December 2020

November 2020


Updated the Texts List.

October 2020


Updated the Now page and the Texts List.

September 2020


Renamed the Haikus page to Senryūs.

August 2020

July 2020



Rebuilt the website, the chronological blog archives now contain the newest posts from the respective blogs.

Updated the Now page.

June 2020

Due to personal commitments, I didn't work on this website very much in June.



Imported existing lists I maintained on past Media Consumption, specifically:

May 2020

Due to other personal commitments, I didn't work on this website very much in May.


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Site Changes

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Site Changes

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Site Changes

April 2019


Structurally supporting pages (like this changelog, the home page and the about page) are also new, but not even near being finished.

At the beginning of the month, I set up the code to generate this website and imported some existing projects of mine.