author: niplav, created: 2019-07-24, modified: 2023-07-23, language: english, status: in progress, importance: 2, confidence: highly likely

What I am doing at the moment (inspired by the now movement).


Currently, my main focus is on getting my life in order. That includes shifting into an equilibrium mode where I am independent and have structured my life in a way that enables me to work on my personal projects full-time (including, but not limited to, this website).

Because of this, work on this website is currently limited to a small part of my free time. I apologize for any inconveniences.


Curently I'm mostly working on an expanded version of Turning Some Inconsistent Preferences into Consistent Ones, and sometimes thinking on how to measure the precision of forecasts.

I'm also conducting a full edit of all texts on the website, which is turning out to take way longer than I expected. (I started with this page and immediately got stuck, expanding the text considerably).


These have been (for various reasons) abandoned.


Most of my programming time is spent improving iqisa, a library for handling various forecasting datasets.

I am also working on an arbtt-inspired time tracker: awitt.

Data Collection

I am currently running a self-blinded RCT with L-Theanine.


I also want to do more integration, and am planning to read Core Transformation (Andreas 1994) for that.


Currently, I am actively reading the following books: