author: niplav, created: 2021-01-28, modified: 2023-01-19, language: english, status: in progress, importance: 1, confidence: likely

I sometimes read textbooks (broadly defined as "a book with exercises"), and create some stuff while reading them (e.g. making flashcards of facts & definitions in the textbook and solving some exercises). I collect that information here, to my and maybe others' benefit.

Administrativa for Textbooks

For flashcards, if I include the screenshot of an algorithm, the goal is not to learn the algorithm by heart in all detail, but have a good mental model of how it works.

“An Infinitely Large Napkin”

“Maths for Intelligent Systems”

“Algorithmic Game Theory”

“Reactive Systems”

“Population Genetics”

“Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning”

“Programming in Lua”

“A Primer in Social Choice Theory”

“Parameterized Algorithms”

“Multivariable Calculus”

“Artificial Intelligence: A Modern Approach”


Strictly speaking, “Causality” by Judea Pearl is not a textbook, since it does not include exercises. It is nonetheless included here because I wrote flashcards for it.

“The Jazz Piano Book”