author: niplav, created: 2024-01-30, modified: 2024-01-30, language: english, status: finished, importance: 2, confidence: certain

vis plugin using fzf to insert text into the current buffer.

Fuzzy Find to Insert Lines in vis

Use fzf to select lines from a file insert it, repository here.


In vis, use the command [[1 to [[9 to select lines from different files. [[[ is a synonym for [[1, [[( is a synonym for [[2.


Put the file vis-fzf-insert.lua into a plugin directory of vis (usually /usr/share/vis/plugins/). In visrc.lua:

plugin_vis_clip = require('plugins/vis-fzf-clip')
file1="/usr/local/etc/wikititles" --These are just an example
plugin_vis_clip.cmd_args = {"--height=40% <"..file1, "--height=40% <"..file2}

One can also specify prefixes and postfixes that get inserted after or before the line selected from the file:

plugin_vis_clip.paste_prefix = {"(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/", ""}
plugin_vis_clip.paste_postfix = {")", ""}

Here "(https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/" is a prefix that applies to lines from the file wikititles, and ")" is a postfix that applies to the wikititles file. texts_list has no prefixes or postfixes.

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Forked from vis-fzf-open, in an attempt to re-create the link insertion functionality from Wikipedia.