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Contributons to Wikis


“Ordinary Life Improvements”

Gwern 2019a

In the section "Ordinary Life Improvements" the first sentence read "[It can be hard to see the gradual improvement of most goods over time]{,smallcaps}, but I think one way to get a handle on them is to look". The comma before "smallcaps" was misplaced.

“Why Correlation Usually ≠ Causation: Causal Nets Cause Common Confounding”

Gwern 2019b

“Embryo selection for intelligence”

Gwern 2018

“Life Extension Cost-Benefits”

Gwern 2019c

“The Melancholy of Subculture Society”

Gwern 2019d

Gwern 2020

“The Replication Crisis: Flaws in Mainstream Science”

Gwern 2019e

“Open Questions”

Gwern 2021a

“Internet Search Tips”

Gwern 2022

“Death Note: L, Anonymity & Eluding Entropy”

Gwern 2017

“Prediction Markets”

Gwern 2019f

“The Existential Risk of Math Errors”

Gwern 2019g

“Leprechaun Hunting & Citogenesis”

Gwern 2021b

reducing-suffering.org and Other Writing by Tomasik

“Why Activists Should Consider Making Lots of Money”

Tomasik 2016a

“Vegans Should Not Eat Insects: A Reply to Fischer”

Tomasik 2017a

“Applied Welfare Biology and Why Wild-Animal Advocates Should Focus on Not Spreading Nature”

Tomasik 2018a

“How Wild-Caught Fishing Affects Wild-Animal Suffering”

Tomasik 2017b

“Should Fishing Opponents Be Happy about Overfishing?”

Tomasik 2016b

“How Cattle Grazing Affects Insect Populations on Pasture Fields”

Tomasik 2019

“How Rainforest Beef Production Affects Wild-Animal Suffering”

Tomasik 2017c

“Scenarios for Very Long-Term Impacts of Climate Change on Wild-Animal Suffering”

Tomasik 2016c

“Microorganisms Created by Wastewater-Treatment Systems”

Tomasik 2017d

“Dissolving Confusion about Consciousness”

Tomasik 2017e

“The Many Fallacies of Dualism”

Tomasik 2017f

“The Eliminativist Approach to Consciousness”

Tomasik 2018d

“Differential Intellectual Progress as a Positive-Sum Project”

Tomasik 2015.

Fixed a typo where in the section "Transhumanism" of the pdf version, the text "Transhumanists recognize the importance of thinking about the future ahead of time." was repeated.

“Empirical evidence for the proposition that production based on exchange value has collapsed”

Jehu 2018.

Fixed a typo where with "The inflation of the of wages from 1970 to 1980" the author meant "The inflation of wages from 1970 to 1980".

“Urbit: A Solid-State Interpreter”

Yarvin et al. 2016.

Fixed a typo on p. 17 where in "treats b and c is formulas", "is" should have been be "as".

“Categorizing Variants of Goodhart's Law”

Manheim & Garrabrant 2019



Klong, A Simple Array Language (see its Change Log).